Monday, March 21, 2011

Some fun finds

The weekend just goes way to fast.  Friday night I stopped by The Vintage Rabbit Mall and got these cute little suitcases.  I might use the black one to hold my price tags, money and that sort of thing at my craft shows, I haven't decided yet.  The bottom one is burgundy and sort of a mustard yellow.  It was in the Silver Suitcase Antiques area of the shop which is my favorite. I would like a bigger one and a little smaller one so can stack them on top of each other in my house.  They would also look cute in my display at my shows so we will see.

It was sort of nice this weekend so my hubby and I took a drive.  We stopped by a couple flea market places and I had to get a couple things...  Here is a wooden butter churn, not sure if one that someone made or a vintage find but I so loved the look of it anyways.

And here is a wooden crate that I got for a great buy, I just couldn't pass it up.

I got this wooden drying rack a little while ago but just got it hung up. As you can I am just now finding stuff I want to hang on it.  I made the crow with sunflowers (a Tennessee Ridge Primitives Pattern) and found the old strainer at a sale. 

 And then a Prairie Bonnet.  I sooo love this bonnet.  I got this off of ebay.
I had wanted to try making some of these Prim Bonnets myself but I have never sewn any type of clothing or bonnets, just the crafts I make.  When I emailed a few that had patterns to buy, they said probably not for beginners.. I was a little bummed.  So,,, thank goodness I found one I could buy cuz I had to have one.

I also wanted to thank Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies for posting that I was a new blogger in town, on her blog.  This sort of welcome and all the nice comments I have read on many blogs is what made me decide to start a blog of my own.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, taken the time to comment and follow me.  I hope I can show you all the same kindness you have shown me.

Thanks for visiting!


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

You are most welcome Tina-It has been my pleasure to help you along. So many people helped me when I was starting out, it seems only right to pass it along! :D Have a great day dear!

dee begg said...

The suitcases are too cute. They would look great in a craft show display but be prepared for customers wanting to buy them off you. When I used stuff in my displays that I didn't want to sell I would put a ridiculous price on it...that way if they did want to buy it, I had the money to go looking for a replacement.

Love the drying rack and I need to get me a bonnet...been seeing them in everyone's prim displays.

Have a great day.


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your flea mkt finds! They are great! (I bet you could make that bonnet!)~*~Lisa

Prairie Patch said...

Wowzers, you've got some great finds there, Tina! I love all of them. Can I move in with you - lol!

I got a couple suitcases from our second hand shop here in town. They're not vintage looking; they're kind of the 1970s bright orange Samsonite suitcases. I'm thinking of painting them and putting scrapbook paper on them to make them look vintage. Hopefully they'll look as nice as yours. :)

Thanks for showing off all your great finds at the Prairie Patch party.