Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft Show This Weekend

This weekend my daughter, Breanna and I had our crafts at a local high school craft show.  It was a little slow this weekend but it is always fun since Bre and I are doing it together.  My friend Jolene makes some really nice jewelry and we usually get lucky enough to have a booth by each other so that always adds to the fun.  

Here are a couple photos of my display.  I intended to take some photos of my daughter's display too but I ended up getting sidetracked and then forgot, oops.  She makes Magnetic Memory Boards and are super cute.  I will have to get some photos next time and post them.

Well, it's been a long weekend so that's it for now.


Breanna said...

Love doing the craft shows with you. Glad we can have something we can do together. Love ya

Your pcitures of your setup look very cute!

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

The craft shows are alot more fun doing them w/ you sweetie.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love your booth set up! Your items look awesome-so cool you can do this with your daughter ~*~Lisa

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

That is so kind of you to say Lisa! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower... I am new to this but am very excited about my bogging journey! :0)