Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun Weekend, Football..

Well let's start off with a Happy Monday to you all.  It was a great weekend that's for sure..  Went out for a few hours and visited with one of my besties and it was way long overdue..  Drinks, apps and chatting, what a great night. Saturday we drove to Moses Lake to meet up with my hubbies mom.  She was going through some things and wanted to give us some of her china and old photos of my hubby.. Can't wait to go through it all.  We had lunch, the boys played pool and us girls visited..   It was a nice time, wish we would have gotten to visit longer.

And.... I think we have created a monster.. teehee...  The last couple years our daughter and her boyfriend go with us to Seattle for a Seahawks game at least once a year or we watch the games at home and have apps to snack on while watching.. Well, since the whole football thing was so up in the air so long and we didn't know what was going on we didn't think we would go see one this year since had planned other things.  Well, our daughter was like, why aren't we going to a game..  Then she was asking how much we usually pay for tickets, I guess she really wants to go to a game.. haha.. So,,,she found a friend of her boyfriends that has season tickets and isn't using them for every game and so it looks like we are going to a Seahawks game after all this year...  haha..

To my friends that sell online, what do you do for collecting taxes?  Does your price already include tax? 

Well, hope you all had a great weekend and that this is just the beginning of a great week! Hugs, Tina 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coffee....Migraines...more Candy Canes

Well, my day started out a little funny this morning!  I got my cup of coffee and took it in the bathroom and was getting ready and I saw something in my coffee... It was a challenge getting that floaty out but I finally did.  My cat likes to drink water out of the bathroom sink for some reason and not any of the water dishes, so she was in there when I was getting ready and when she was finished she shook a little, I then was going to take a drink of coffee and she must have been rolling in the dirt as I think it ALL ended up in my cup of coffee.. Good thing I put creamer in it to see it all...  After all the effort it took me to get just 1 floaty out and I ended up with a cup of dirt, I thought I had better just start all over with a fresh cup... teehee... Anyways, just gave me a little chuckle this morning and wanted to share with you.

I finally made it to the dr yesterday for my headaches.  I have had 3 really severe episodes where my headaches have last up to 3 days.  They are so painful, hurts even more to lay my head down to try and rest and it's usually just on the right side of my head so.... he thinks I am getting migraines..  I got a couple samples so hopefully next time it happens these will help it to not last as long and then we can have a little more proof that they are migraines.  I do get headaches alot though, more often than I think is normal and I am stuffed up alot so they are going to do a Sinus CT Scan for starters to see if that has anything to do with my headaches.  Boy, I sure hope they figure something out, I have been taking Advil so much and I don't even like to take that...  Well, I guess it's a start..  Will keep you posted as to the results of the scan, I go in next week for that..

On to something more fun.. omgosh...   I almost can't keep up with everyone wanting my candy corn.. haha..  I am so happy though that so many have loved it as much as I do that they want some for their own.. I just finished up 12 more last night, just need to wrap the homespun around them and attach the tags and they are ready to go..  I had barely posted it and I only have 3, maybe 2 left...  I need to get postage for 1 for a customer and if she wants it, that would be 2 left and then I have another gal that really wanted 6 when I only had 4 left from the first batch so she might want those last 2... Wowee...  So.. needless to say you know what I have been doing at home after work.. teehee...

Hope you are all having a great day!!  Happy crafting!  Hugs, Tina

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who knew Candy Corn was so popular?

Well so far it's a great day!!  I think since I had enough time for breakfast this morning before running out the door, that jump started my day off great...  hehe.. 

It is a little cooler here but the skies are blue so still lovin it!!

I am so excited!!  I posted my Candy Corn I just made on my FB page and not long after I have all 6 of the ones I made already spoken for, PP of course but yay...  Who knew Candy Corn was so popular??  I didn't..  I am so please how they turned out...So... guess what I will be doing tonight??  Do you need a hint??
Here it is:

I have also been thinking of wholesaling my goodies...  Anyone else wholesale?  How do you figure the minimum and the price you charge for wholesale on your items?  I would love to pick your brain if you don't mind.. teehee. 

If anyone is interested, I would love to talk about a minimum number of the same item and at what price...

This day job is sure cramping my style, I need to be crafting right now.. teehee...  

Hope this day is wonderful to you all...  Hugs, Tina 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Felt like Wonder Woman this weekend - So much accomplished

Good Monday Morning to you all!!  Hope you had a great weekend!!  I feel so good since I got so much accomplished this weekend.  I can see my kitchen table a little better.. Still piled with craft junk but we can eat on it now.. haha..  Saturday I woke up, had some coffee made breakfast and then just went crazy.  Sunday was basically the same.  Got all of these goodies done,  Angels:

and some Snowmen, my favorite thing to make in the Fall..

More Pumpkins.. These seem to be so popular for Fall so it seems like I am always making them.

I did have a request to make a couple out of orange print fabric and these turned out so cute.. Alot love these and would like same fabric but... of course could only find this in FQ's and I got the only 2 they had that day..Figures... So... if you see anymore of it, please please let me know.

I did manage to get some Candy Corn done too.  I just need to put the finishing touches on them and then will post them.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful day!! Hugs, Tina

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday, sneak peak

Well, last night was a good night..  Even though it was only a pre-season game last night, it was still FOOTBALL... Yay.. yahoo...  Not sure what will happen this year since we no longer have our quarterback  or a couple other players....  oh well...gotta stick with my team through the good and the bad even though winning would be so much better.. hehe....Always love football season even though that means that fall is just around the corner.. 

I got a little more done on my angels.. They are finally starting to look like angels.. hehe.. here is a peak at them.

My hubby is going on a camping trip with a few buddies this weekend so it's just lil o' me...  I figure what a great time to get some of my stuff finished and maybe if I am like wonder woman, even start some new goodies.. 

Well, that's it for now..  Hope you all have a great weekend!  Hugs, Tina

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gees, where have I been?? Did you know I was gone? Vacation photos to share.

Hello there friends!! Wow, it has been a while since I have been on here to post.. We just got back this week from Vegas for our daughter's 21st birthday..  What a blast we had..  Even though the heat was in the 100's all week that didn't stop us from having fun..  We just had to go into more shops and casinos along the strip to cool off a bit.. We did hit the pool each morning and that was fun.. I finally got a little bit of color on this ghostly white complexion of mine.. teehee..   We took most of the photos with my daughter's camera but here are a couple they took with their phones.

Here is our girl, 21 now.. Wow, where has time gone?

Here is one photo of our pool.  This is the over 18 pool.  There is a waterfall and a couple hot tubs too. 
We went into Coyote Ugly but it was pretty early so there weren't a ton of people when we got there.  So...  right as soon as we walked in the gal giving out shots called Bre and I over right away.. I am not too much of a fan of shots or hard alcohol but....  didn't want to be the party pooper so took one, and only that one.. teehee.
Here is me and Bre at Coyote Ugly.  We hadn't been in the pool yet so yes I am still super ghostly, especially next to Bre, she tans beautifully.. I usually burn and then it turns back to a pasty color.. haha..

Bre's boyfriend is the dare devil of the group.. hehe..  This time he did the 855 foot jump off the Stratosphere down to almost the ground.  There is a ledge that we can all stand on to watch him come down.  Bre got the whole jump on video..  No thank you.. haha

We took the Deuce to Old Vegas so the kids could do the Zip Line they now how on Freemont.

There is a bar called the Minus5 Ice Bar in the Monte Carlo hotel.  Everything in it is made of ice, the walls, seats, tables, glasses and yes, it is cold,,, brrrrr...  When you pay to get in they give you some sock things, boots, gloves and coats and boy do you need it.. hehe..  My nose was so cold in there and we were all hoping we wouldn't end up getting sick on our vacation.. haha..  Even though you can't really stay in there a long time, it is really neat inside and we were glad we checked it out...  Here are a couple photos:

Well, now that vacation is over, I guess it's time to put it into high gear...  I have had quite a few requests for my pumpkins so that has been a priority.  I think now that I am caught up on them, I am hoping to finish all the pieces of goodies that have taken over my table...  

I have been posting some more things on my Facebook page, please check them out at Tina's Primitive Attic 

Hope you have all been well.  Thanks for taking the time to visit!  Hugs to you all, Tina