Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gees, where have I been?? Did you know I was gone? Vacation photos to share.

Hello there friends!! Wow, it has been a while since I have been on here to post.. We just got back this week from Vegas for our daughter's 21st birthday..  What a blast we had..  Even though the heat was in the 100's all week that didn't stop us from having fun..  We just had to go into more shops and casinos along the strip to cool off a bit.. We did hit the pool each morning and that was fun.. I finally got a little bit of color on this ghostly white complexion of mine.. teehee..   We took most of the photos with my daughter's camera but here are a couple they took with their phones.

Here is our girl, 21 now.. Wow, where has time gone?

Here is one photo of our pool.  This is the over 18 pool.  There is a waterfall and a couple hot tubs too. 
We went into Coyote Ugly but it was pretty early so there weren't a ton of people when we got there.  So...  right as soon as we walked in the gal giving out shots called Bre and I over right away.. I am not too much of a fan of shots or hard alcohol but....  didn't want to be the party pooper so took one, and only that one.. teehee.
Here is me and Bre at Coyote Ugly.  We hadn't been in the pool yet so yes I am still super ghostly, especially next to Bre, she tans beautifully.. I usually burn and then it turns back to a pasty color.. haha..

Bre's boyfriend is the dare devil of the group.. hehe..  This time he did the 855 foot jump off the Stratosphere down to almost the ground.  There is a ledge that we can all stand on to watch him come down.  Bre got the whole jump on video..  No thank you.. haha

We took the Deuce to Old Vegas so the kids could do the Zip Line they now how on Freemont.

There is a bar called the Minus5 Ice Bar in the Monte Carlo hotel.  Everything in it is made of ice, the walls, seats, tables, glasses and yes, it is cold,,, brrrrr...  When you pay to get in they give you some sock things, boots, gloves and coats and boy do you need it.. hehe..  My nose was so cold in there and we were all hoping we wouldn't end up getting sick on our vacation.. haha..  Even though you can't really stay in there a long time, it is really neat inside and we were glad we checked it out...  Here are a couple photos:

Well, now that vacation is over, I guess it's time to put it into high gear...  I have had quite a few requests for my pumpkins so that has been a priority.  I think now that I am caught up on them, I am hoping to finish all the pieces of goodies that have taken over my table...  

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Hope you have all been well.  Thanks for taking the time to visit!  Hugs to you all, Tina


Rachel said...

Man ~looks like your trip was a blast! I've seent the ice bar on tv but I'm not sure I could actually go in it~sounds WAY too cold for me! lol Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

Hey Rachel!! The coats and stuff they give you keep you pretty warm, just seemed like my nose and face were cold.. teehee...Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.. Fun to know people are reading my gibberish!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Tina