Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun Weekend, Football..

Well let's start off with a Happy Monday to you all.  It was a great weekend that's for sure..  Went out for a few hours and visited with one of my besties and it was way long overdue..  Drinks, apps and chatting, what a great night. Saturday we drove to Moses Lake to meet up with my hubbies mom.  She was going through some things and wanted to give us some of her china and old photos of my hubby.. Can't wait to go through it all.  We had lunch, the boys played pool and us girls visited..   It was a nice time, wish we would have gotten to visit longer.

And.... I think we have created a monster.. teehee...  The last couple years our daughter and her boyfriend go with us to Seattle for a Seahawks game at least once a year or we watch the games at home and have apps to snack on while watching.. Well, since the whole football thing was so up in the air so long and we didn't know what was going on we didn't think we would go see one this year since had planned other things.  Well, our daughter was like, why aren't we going to a game..  Then she was asking how much we usually pay for tickets, I guess she really wants to go to a game.. haha.. So,,,she found a friend of her boyfriends that has season tickets and isn't using them for every game and so it looks like we are going to a Seahawks game after all this year...  haha..

To my friends that sell online, what do you do for collecting taxes?  Does your price already include tax? 

Well, hope you all had a great weekend and that this is just the beginning of a great week! Hugs, Tina 


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Tina,
I have a website and I have it set up to add tax if someone purchases from my own state.
I also have it registered with my state, and have a permit to sell.
I didn't receive anything from paypal when I filed my taxes.
Good Luck!
Prim Blessings


I'm new to this too, I do know that you don't collect sales tax except from sales in your state. I am also waiting to see what happens with paypal.