Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday, sneak peak

Well, last night was a good night..  Even though it was only a pre-season game last night, it was still FOOTBALL... Yay.. yahoo...  Not sure what will happen this year since we no longer have our quarterback  or a couple other players....  oh well...gotta stick with my team through the good and the bad even though winning would be so much better.. hehe....Always love football season even though that means that fall is just around the corner.. 

I got a little more done on my angels.. They are finally starting to look like angels.. hehe.. here is a peak at them.

My hubby is going on a camping trip with a few buddies this weekend so it's just lil o' me...  I figure what a great time to get some of my stuff finished and maybe if I am like wonder woman, even start some new goodies.. 

Well, that's it for now..  Hope you all have a great weekend!  Hugs, Tina



Can't wait to see the finished angels. Enjoy your crafty weekend.

Lynn said...

Your angels look so sweet.