Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunshine today and some Funky Junk finds

I can't believe the sun is finally out...  Course they say rain the rest of the week but today.... It's Sunny!! Yahoo....

Went to a Funky Junk show this weekend.  It was really cold and windy but that didn't keep the people away...  There were some amazing booths and I loved so many wonderful things but I had to be good and limit myself.. always a hard thing but I still got a couple great things!

Here is a quilted wall hanging..  I so love it..  I knew right as soon as I saw this beauty I had to have it and at only $10 how could I pass it up.
Then as we headed inside, there were even more booths,,,, yikes...  At the first booth, I spotted this quilt in a basket.  It is a bit tattered and torn but...  look at those beautiful spring colors on it?  Yep, I have to have this one too...  Oh, what can I make with this one???  Got this beauty for $10
I spotted a couple more quilts coming out of a dresser.. The gal said she didn't want to take them home so would come down on them.  I really loved the colors on this one,,,  seemed country prim but... I had just got one.. Do I need another???  Do I?  hmmmm.. so I ask how much would you take?  It was marked at $17.50 and she said $12.50 and I just wasn't sure I needed another, then she goes, ya know I would even take $10...  but... we hadn't been upstairs yet so I said I might be back...  (I felt horrible for saying that cuz I feel like when people say that at my shows, they will NEVER be back..hehe but there were still more goodies to check out first)
So we went upstairs and checked all the great things out but nothing I had to have so we went back outside and got my quilt wall hanging that they were so nice to hold for me so I didn't have to carry it around with me...  Course as I was walking up to it, I heard a crash as some things were knocked off the display cuz the wind was so crazy and yep, it was my wall hanging... Good thing it is a sturdy one.. geesh.. hehe
So we had seen everything and my daughter asked is there anything you want to go back and get?  I said ya know, I want that darn quilt.. hehe... I figured if it was still there, it was meant to be mine.  So... here it is...  I love it..  And even though a bit tattered I have it folded up and draped over my love seat.. Not sure I can cut this one up..  but ya never know.
So, I got home with all of my treasures and my hubby hung up my wall hanging, I finally put the wooden box I got a while ago up and was changing things around and I had wished I had gotten this old red rusty kitchen gadget.. I think it is a potato masher of some sort.  So... I text my daughter and said I wished I had gotten it, boo....  Then, I had lunch with her yesterday and she pulled out the masher to give to me...  Oh my... I was so excited..Here it is.
 A thanks for taking care of her after her teeth were pulled and for being at the show alone on Saturday.  What a sweet kid I have!

Anyways, that is all I bought.  There were alot more things I would have liked to have gotten but there are alot more shows coming up so ya never know what I might find at them.. hehe

Have a wonderful day!  Hugs, Tina


Brenda said...

Awesome quilts that you got Tina and great prices!! How sweet of your daughter to go back and get that for you!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow you got a great deal on those quilts..they are wonderful..and yes that is a potato masher..I have one too.;)

just me said...

i knew i should have gone and talkied to my friend shirley first thing!! but then i would own the double wedding ring and not you!lol my favorite pattern next to grandmothers flower garden. would have snatched up the other one you got also hee hee! i tried to get the cute yellow/white crib quilt that was upstairs but she wanted 25 tried to barter but got a firm NO! can't wait to see your goodies on sat!!!:)

Prairie Patch said...

Wow, what gorgeous quilts! I can see why you didn't want to pass them by.


Angela said...

Oh My, I love all those quilts. And the price.... Can't believe those prices even if they are not in perfect shape.. Here any kind of quilt usually start at $50 especially if they are really old. You have a sweet daughter to get the kitchen gadget for you. Have a great day.

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

I would have loved to have gotten some quilts like that. You got a great deal.

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

Thank you all for visiting and commenting.. I feel very lucky to have found these goodies.. LOL... Hugs, Tina