Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giveaway Goodies, a little Easter decor and I found my kitchen table!

I got home last night and my hubby had brought the mail in and what was the first thing I spotted?  A package...  I have been lucky lately so I knew it was a giveaway I had won.  This was from Patti at Raspberry Lane Primitives.  Right as soon as I cut the tape on the box I could smell the sweet annie....  Look at this cute crow tissue paper.. I so love crows, I was very excited about the paper.. hehe (oh, I had to charge the battery on my camera and forgot to set the date so it is definitely a little bit off... LOL)
Here is what I saw after I opened up the crow tissue paper:
I was so excited I had my hubby come in while I opened up all the little wrapped goodies in the box.  There were just so many items in here.  Look at these bunnies.. Oh my!! Aren't they just about the most precious bunnies you have ever seen?
I put all the eggs in my wooden bowl right away.  Aren't they wonderful. 
  Patti sent 4 blue stars with brown polka dots on them but the postman must have been playing football with my package as two of them broke.. booo.. but... I still have these two beautiful stars
Here is where the bunnies and all the carrots I received ended up.  I just love it!
and the stars ended up on my wood drying rack

All of these Easter goodies inspired me to put a few more things up.  I love to decorate for the different holidays but I have been so busy with trying to get stuff made for the craft shows I have been slacking in the decorating department.. Oooops....  hehe..
I have a little tree I keep in my kitchen all year round.  When there are no holidays I keep my gingerbread's and stars on it...  So... I got my eggs out and the Easter tags I had made and decorated my tree and I put up the Easter Dress I had made to hang by the tree.

Here is a bunny I have and I put my new eggs right next to it.
It definitely feels more like Easter!! 

Since I was into the decorating I figured it was time to clean up a bit.  We have a friend coming to stay this weekend so I thought maybe I should take all my crafting supplies, sewing machine and everything downstairs at least for this weekend.  It's been a while but yep, the kitchen table was still there.. hehe

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day! Tina


rachel said...

What great goodies you got! I don't know what the postman does with packages but I'm always scared somethings going to get broke ~glad it wasn't all your stuff! Hope you have a great day!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love the way you displayed the baby bunnies & carrots! Looks great! ~*~Lisa

Prairie Patch said...

What beautiful goodies you got! I love how you have them displayed as well. Looks primilicious!


Angela said...

love all the items you got in your sway. Especially the little rabbits. I have that pattern , but like you said I have been working on things for a show and haven't taken the time to make for me. Have a great day.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

love the way you've displayed my goodies to you! It's great to see that they made it to a wonderful prim home! Enjoy them for years to come! Too bad about the stars.