Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I haven't been slacking.. I promise..teehee

Good morning..  I got some sleep last night and feel so much better today and my arm isn't as sore either.. Yay!!

I finsihed up some shamrocks that I made for a Facebook friend

and I thought I had better take photo of what I have been working on....  don't want you to think I am slacking..  teehee... oh boy, I haven't even gotten this post published yet and I "might" have 4 more orders for these in blue fabrics..

Here are some that I finished so you can see what they will look like:

Looks like we are finally getting our winter.. Supposed to snow more tomorrow..  I wanted this in November and December not now.. Yikes..  Sure wish I could just stay home and not have to go out in it unless I want to.. Some day.....

Have a great day friends!!
Hugs, Tina


lilraggedyangie said...

whew ...glad you arent slackin!lol Busy busy glad to see business is good for you :0) Be careful in the snow ! Happy Stitching ! hugs lil raggedy angie

Morgan said...

"Slacker" is the LAST term I'd every DREAM of using to describe YOU, friend... and only in an instance of sarcasm, for sure! lol

Love your shamrocks and of course, all them there "pillers," too! *giggle* If only I had as much "evening/night time motivation" as you, oh! how much fuller my booth would be! LOL

I didn't realize your arm had been upset. I feel like a heel not knowing anything about it before now. I simply missed something along the way. My facebooking has been very slim as of late. I'm sorry to hear your arm was hurting, but glad to hear it's on the mend. ♥

Talk soon!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love the plaid & solid shamrocks! Hope things are getting better - glad you are creating! ~*~Lisa