Monday, July 18, 2011

a Relaxing Weekend

Boy, I sure think our weekends should be longer.. teehee.. Who thought of this 5 day work week anyways...  What a great weekend.  Had some friends stop by and visit for a while Friday night...  Saturday we spent the day at the lake.  Our daughter's boyfriend's parents rented a lake spot for the summer and they have their trailer up there so we went and visited.. It wasn't really sunny or hot but I still managed to get a sunburn,, and what an awkward burn it is.. teehee...  I didn't put sunscreen on my front side very well so it is the only side that got burnt.. haha.. I don't really tan anyways, usually burn then turn back to my blinding paleness...  We had a great time out there relaxing and visiting though..

Yesterday my daughter and I went to a few yard sales but there just don't seem to be as many on Sunday..  Course we did go to quite a few that just forgot to take down their boxes... oh.. that is so annoying.. We went way out of our way to go check it out then nothing and they would have multiple signs still out..  Ahhhhhh!!!!  Or...  We would drive by and their stuff was still all covered up and it was after 9:30 even..  I did get a few things to craft with so excited about that and I only spent about $3.50 so a cheap day... 

Then I was going to just make a couple white pumpkins real quick as I have had a couple requests for them and I ended up making a few more so I was crafting almost til bed time, not what I had planned but glad I got some finished and started as these are usually a big hit at the craft shows too...

Hope you all had a great weekend and that your have a fabulous day!  Hugs, Tina

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