Friday, March 16, 2012

Someone stop me...more finds...and a gift in the mail

Happy Friday!!  Hope you have all been doing well..  First off I want to share with you this adorable Pinkeep that was sent to me "Just because" from my friend Morgan over at The Prim 'n' Proper Shoppe.  It is so much bigger and cuter in person and I was so thrilled to receive this.  I have never had a "just because" gift..  How sweet!!  Go check out her other pinkeeps and all her others goodies!!

This is on top of my new pie safe

On my next trip to my favorite vintage mall I got all of these goodies..  I usually try to get a thing here and there and not go overboard but.. look at those cute blue things... I just couldnt pass them up..

Last night I was sort of feeling in a funk after work so I went shopping...  Now this was just the therapy I needed to make me feel better.. haha...
Look at all that blue..Yes, it's my new favorite color.. and I can't wait to make something with those shredders. 

Soooo.. I am looking for a blue kitchen scale, surprise surprise on the color I know.. haha..  I can't seem to find one that doesnt cost me a years worth of wages...  so if you happen to find one, if you could let me know I sure would appreciate it!

I got the last of my pillow orders done... 

Time to work on something else so I cut out some fabric to make more Flag ornies/tucks so hopefully I can get those done soon.

This weekend we are having some friends stay with us so tonight it's cleaning and then getting ready for St. Patty's Day.... 

Hugs, Tina

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank you... New goodies for lil ol ME

I hope this day has found you all doing well.. 

I just want to say thank you to those of you who still read all of my jibberish and ramblings even though I don't always post on a daily basis and thank you for taking the time to say hi and let me know you were here..Sometimes I don't have much to say I just like to check in and say hi...  Again thank you!!

We had such a beautiful weekend that the hubby got out and cleaned up the yard and I got some energy too and attacked my craft room..Boy did it need it.. Yikes...  Plus I had to make room in here to bring down a tall skinny white cupboard that I had in our bedroom becuz...  I needed to make room in the bedroom my for new:

Pie Safe... it Pie Safe Cabinet I got this last weekend.  It isn't going in this spot in my livingroom but this is where the hubby put it while I cleaned out a spot in our bedroom so I snapped a couple quick photos..  The front has a wood door on it with screen.

Here's another view.  It's a Robin Egg Blue I was told...

And here are some antique coverlets I bought to put on my side table and livingroom table.. I just love them...

This one has a hole in it and a stain that is more noticeable on the reverse side but I think it just adds to the charm of it..

Well, that's all for now..Have a great afternoon friends!!
Hugs, Tina

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest copyright issues...Hockey...Fun weekend

Good Morning Friday and what a beautiful day it is.. The weatherman was talking about how cloudy it is and all I see is blue skies, let's hope it lasts...  We were supposed to get more snow but that hasn't happened so far, thank goodness...

So...  I think I am almost the only one that hasn't gotten into Pinterest much.. I have gone on a few times and have a few boards but I am not addicted like alot say they are.. teehee...  I read on Facebook and on one gals blog about copyright issues and it got me a little nervous so glad I am not addicted YET.. haha..  

Here is the first post she did

and then here is an update:

Not sure what Pinterest would be for if you can't pin and repin other's photos but.. what do I know... I just don't want to get into trouble for doing it so until some changes are made, I guess I will just look and not pin.. teehee

Well, Bre's fiance' is graduating from college here soon so this weekend will be his last games of hockey...It will be weird not going to watch him play anymore...Hope he does really good and goes out with some assists and better yet goals.. Woohoo...

Starting today is also Custer's Annual Springs Arts and Crafts show so hoping Bre and I can make it... and I might have to stop by another new favorite store of mine called Eye Candy Antiques to check out her 20% off furnitue sale..  I really need a bigger house for all the goodies I seem to find.. teehee...

And... of course you know I will be working on more of those Nana Blessings pillows for orders..  Just warms my heart so much that others love them enough to want to give them as gifts.. 

So.. it's going to be a busy but super fun weekend... 
I hope all that are in the path of those horrible storms stay safe... 
Hugs, Tina