Friday, March 16, 2012

Someone stop me...more finds...and a gift in the mail

Happy Friday!!  Hope you have all been doing well..  First off I want to share with you this adorable Pinkeep that was sent to me "Just because" from my friend Morgan over at The Prim 'n' Proper Shoppe.  It is so much bigger and cuter in person and I was so thrilled to receive this.  I have never had a "just because" gift..  How sweet!!  Go check out her other pinkeeps and all her others goodies!!

This is on top of my new pie safe

On my next trip to my favorite vintage mall I got all of these goodies..  I usually try to get a thing here and there and not go overboard but.. look at those cute blue things... I just couldnt pass them up..

Last night I was sort of feeling in a funk after work so I went shopping...  Now this was just the therapy I needed to make me feel better.. haha...
Look at all that blue..Yes, it's my new favorite color.. and I can't wait to make something with those shredders. 

Soooo.. I am looking for a blue kitchen scale, surprise surprise on the color I know.. haha..  I can't seem to find one that doesnt cost me a years worth of wages...  so if you happen to find one, if you could let me know I sure would appreciate it!

I got the last of my pillow orders done... 

Time to work on something else so I cut out some fabric to make more Flag ornies/tucks so hopefully I can get those done soon.

This weekend we are having some friends stay with us so tonight it's cleaning and then getting ready for St. Patty's Day.... 

Hugs, Tina


SweetPepperRose said...

Sweet finds! I can't say 'stop' because I went "on the hunt" yesterday myself and found a few sweet ones, too. I'll be posting them soon. You have a good eye!

Angie Berry said...

I saw on Morgan's blog the pinkeeps that she's been making. How sweet of her to send you one just because! It looks right at home on top of your pie safe.

Looks like you and I like the same kind of things, hehe. I'm always buying old kitchen things. Have fun creating with the graters~

Beyond The Attic Door said...

I love your blog!! I'm a new follower and have added your button to my site. I hope you'll stop by mine and grab my button too. Kristine