Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tag Sale Treasures

I am a little behind in getting these things posted but here they are.  A couple weekends ago, my daughter and I went to a Tag Sale that Selena from the Farm Chicks was putting on.
It was such a cold, windy day and there was this poor lady that had all her stuff set up outside.  She had some really great things and at reasonable prices too so we had check it all out, no wind was stopping us... hehe..
Right off the bat, I spotted two wagons she had.  I had been looking for one but most I had seen were at least $35 if not more.  Then last minute my daughter noticed a chair that had a bunch of stuff piled on top of it.  So, I snatched both of those goodies up right away.  Here is where I put the chair and my wagon!  I hope to get some flowers in the wagon here soon.  Not sure if I will keep the screen in the seat of the chair or if I will take it off so flowers can grow up through the center.
Here are a couple photos of our front garden area that we started to redo last summer and where I will be putting my new chair and wagon.  I have some other things planted but they aren't coming up yet so let's hope.
Sorry about the dried up flowers in some of my planters.... I haven't weeded or planted anything new yet cuz it's been too cold for me. 
Here are some tulips I still have though, except the ones that our friendly squirrel has broken.  Little bugger...

Here are some other things that I got at the Tag Sale
The first photo didnt show how brite these towels were so here is another.
All in all I think I spent $22.50 including the chair and the wagon...  I was very excited.

Then we went to the Custer's Antique Show they were having at our local fairgrounds.
I was thrilled to finally find my lunch box to use as a money box at my shows.. and look at those cute baby shoes... Love them..

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day friends! Tina


rachel said...

Love your new goodies! The little wagon is great!

Angela said...

Tina, Love all your goodies and at such great prices. Love the wagon and all the old baby shoes and the old book. Just love it all. Don't ya just love a good day out junkin and with your daughter,,what could be better. You have a great day.

SANDI said...

Love all your goodies you found. The wagon and the chair are awesome finds!

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

Great finds..I so want a little red wagon to pull my stuff about when I garden.

just me said...

great goodies!! i hit the sale in the last 15 minutes, thought it went till 4 so they were ready to deal! got a star quilt for $5 and this really cool pillow doll for $3,some initial charms for ryan and ayden and a unfinished quilt top for $5! the gal outside was super sweet, felt bad for her with that cold wind!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Cute stuff. I love the red wagon in the garden. Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope to see you Monday at my newbie party.