Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New House shopping, Some requested goodies, and 1st Etsy sale

Wow, what a beautiful morning it is so far.. I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever really get here..  It is supposed to rain after today again but for now I love the blue skies and sunshine.

I do have to tell ya, I feel exhausted!  We have been busy helping my daughter with some house shopping..She has found one she really likes, is preapproved and ready to make an offer but man did I forget what a process this all is...  and.. how do they expect a young person buying a home to put so much money down and then pay so many darn closing costs... Woweeeeee...  These banks and lenders complain how slow they are but do they really want loans or not...  Every time we turn around there is another fee to do this or that...  Sooo... anyways...  here's to hoping it will all go smoothly from here on out and that we still have some change in our pockets and our sanity...LOL

Ok, on to some fun things I have been working on for others.

I made these flowers for a good friend of mine.  I love how they turned out so I had to make some for myself too.. 

And for the exciting news
I sold my first item on Etsy....  Yahoo!!!
Her Primitive Dress is all shipped and on it's way to her.  Sure hope she likes it...  I hope she doesn't mind how snug of a fit it was in the box though.. Yikes.  I was very surprised to see how small a flat rate box was and the PO lady wouldn't let me ship in a different box since the label was created online and it says Small Flat Rate Box.. Ugh...  I hadn't intended to even send flat rate but I didn't get her zip code before she purchased the item so just thought well, she will get her dress quick. 
I have already ordered some boxes to have on hand so this doesn't happen again.  Let's hope she won't be disappointed or leave me bad feedback.. 

Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous day friends!  Hugs, Tina



Congrats on your first ESTY sale, I keep alot of different size boxes on hand and I also bought a small postal scale to figure out postage. I have found the flat rate can be alot more expensive than regular first class or priority. Good luck!

rachel said...

Congrats on your first sale!! I'm sure you'll have lots more! ;D Your flowers are very cute! I hope everything goes well for your daughter ~ she must be so excited!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

When I sold on etsy I usually shipped 1st class - it seemed the best value and more flex with packaging. You will get a WONDERFUL feedback! Congrats! Love your flowers ~*~Lisa

cottageprims said...

Congrats on your first sale with Etsy! People mostly are laid back on there so you should be fine.It's always fun to house shop but then when you have to do the leg work you wonder if you'll ever own Blessings!~Amy

Screaming Sardine said...

Whoo hooo! Congrats on your first Etsy sale!! You make such wonderful things, it was simply a matter of time, but wow! How fast was that!?! :)


Farmhouse prims said...

Congratulations Tina on your first Esty Sale!!! I know there will be lots more to come with your awesome talent. Hugs, Lecia

just me said...

You rock girl! Look at you go!!:) It is a buyers market, when we bought our house the seller paid all our closing costs. They added it into the price of the house but when all done we ended up paying almost $1000 less then what she was asking. What area is she looking? Has she looked over by Jo Albi at all, lots for sale over here and great neighborhood.

customteddys said...

I'm happy for you on your first Etsy sale. What a learning experience all this is, isn't it? Best of luck to you, Vicki

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Congrats on your first sale. What a good feeling that is.
Your creations are wonderful.
Prim Blessings

Laurie Blaswich said...

Hi Tina,
It's so nice to meet you! love your sweet items, Thank you for your sincere comment about the kitchen island and posting about our giveaway on your sidebar.

best wishes in our giveaway,


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

You would think simply shipping something would be simple....right? NOT....It's a complicated process. I try my best to keep shipping down to a minimum or bare cost for my customers and it's hard. It's definitely a learning curve. I loved your Mother's Day poem and my son, the one getting married, is going thru the same process in buying his first home. He called me yesterday fussing about what he had just gone through on the phone with the bank and the approval process. Before they would give a loan to anybody and now they have gone the opposite extreme and make you jump thru hoops to get a loan. LOL....I will get off my soapbox now. Hope you have having a wonderful week and I am tickled you stopped by my blog.