Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy busy, but wanted to say hi and Happy Hump Day!!

Happy Hump Day!! 
One day closer to Friday, ya gotta love that...

Just dropping in real quick to say hi..  Been a busy week, taking Gramma to her appointments, getting hair "did" tonight and trying to get some orders done before we head out of town this weekend.. No wonder I am tired this week. hehe..

We are heading to a Seahawks game this Sunday so let's hope they win!!    My hubbies mom lives in Seattle so we will get to stay with them and visit all weekend.  Should be fun, hope it doesn't rain the whole time but I am packing my rain jacket just in case, never know about Seattle.

Well, friends, that's it for today.. Sorry such a short post but I better get busy...  Have a great weekend and Halloween if I don't get to stop by before then.. 
Hugs, Tina

Friday, October 21, 2011

TGIF! Ever had weeks like this?

I don't think a caption is even needed with this photo.  haha!!

Happy Friday!  Hope you all have a great weekend!
Hugs, Tina

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Thursday....Snowman on Rusty Spring

Well, one day closer to Friday!  Yahoo...  We are having such nice fall weather this week.  It isnt that cold and still isn't raining, so love it...  Hope it isn't too cold where you are..  I do love the snow but only during the week of Xmas when I am off.. haha.. 

Not alot going on today, at least not while I am work..  I have some things to do but sit here thinking of all the things I need to make for others when I get home.. teehee...Guess my mind is on more fun things. 

I posted a photo of this guy on my facebook today and I was so excited at all the interest in him.  I made a couple last year and they weren't nearly as excited about him at my shows as they are online this year..  Oh it makes me so happy..  Yay!
You can view details on this snowman on my FB page: Tina's Primitive Attic

I was just thinking as soon as I get caught up I can start working out again after work then craft after that... Looks like working out is on hold again.. oh darn.. ya know I was really looking forward to it too.. NOT.. haha..

Well, hope you have had a great Thursday so far and hope the rest of the week is good to you.  Hugs, Tina

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boggy Bottom Bayou's Fall Giveaway

Oh my, what an adorable giveaway.  You won't want to miss out on this cutie!!

Please meet,

Belinda, the Bewildered Believer

"Hop" on over to Boggy Bottom Bayou's Blog to sign up. 
The winner will be announced November 1st.  Good luck to everyone, especially me.. teehee...

Blue Moon Pumpkins ... basket makeover and... I Won!!

Good morning lovely friends.. I hope this Wednesday has started out wonderful for you all...  It is another nice day here and supposed to get to 60 again, I will take that all fall please.. haha..

I took a few photos of my pumpkins outside and just a little decor inside to share with you.

Yep, that's a Blue Moon in the back and two little green ones in front.

White, Blue Moon and tiny orange pumpkins.

Jack O'Lantern Pantry Cakes and my Plymouth Scentsy Warmer (Leaf lid on the top, perfect for my fall decor)

I won this hanging Crow with Sunflowers from Kim at The Barn Hollow.  Isn't he so prim and adorable. I think this is just the right spot for him.  Hard to tell but he has some fall leaves behind him, just love the colors... Thanks again Kim!!

I wanted to share a makeover I did on a basket I found at a thrift store.

Here the basket is how I purchased it:

Here is after I painted it black.  So... should I leave it or sand and stain it a little?
I just love these bittersweet and pip berries in it.

I started some angels and snowman ornies for a couple orders last night.  Since we have our stuff in that booth all month and I am not doing as many shows myself, I feel lik I am slacking a little..  I have a show on Nov 5 & 6 so I need to kick it into gear.. Geesh!!  What to make??  So many ideas and so little time, or energy.. teehee.

Well, I think that's it for today.  Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting me!!
Hugs, Tina

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkins and a little decorating

Morning Friends!!  Well today the sky is a little cloudy but no rain and it is supposed to get up to 60 today... 

I am excited to say I found some Blue Moon Pumpkins last night... They aren't a real dark blue, sort of a light bluish green.. Pretty though.  I also got a couple small green pumpkins to go with my white and orange I already have.  They had an orange and white pumpkin that was so cute and I really wanted it but the only two they had were pretty large and I probably have enough pumpkins for now..  The guy said it was called a creamsicle or something like that.. hehe..  Too dark last night to get any photos but will try and get some so I can share with you.

Here is my little box with my cute small pumpkins in it.. I just love how it looks..  I am already trying to think of what I can put in it next.. teehee...

Changed things a little on my fireplace.  I have my Jack O' Lantern Scentsy Warmer w/ Pumpkin Marshmallow burning in it (OH YUM!), my candle holders with some real bittersweet, a small pumpkin I made in front of the candle holder and look at this cute witch doll... Rchelle, a friend I am sharing the booth with this month made her and I just love her and her little kitty cat.  And I can't forget about my cute stacking pumpkins that light up..

So I was wondering if any of you are having this same type of issue.  My right arm, elbow area is so sore lately...  I don't know if it's cuz I sit here at my computer all day and my arm is bent so I can type and then I go home and sew and it is of course bent the same so I can sew.  It is just so sore and has been just aching.  My hubby said it's probably like tennis elbow or should I say sewing elbow.. haha.. I have been trying to stretch it and put stuff on it but nothing seems to help..  oh well.. for now it isn't stopping me.. haha

Well, that's it for today.  Thanks for letting me share my ramblings with you!   Have a wonderful day. 
Hugs, Tina

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why does Monday sneak up on us so fast

Well, we had a great but busy weekend.  Got up early Saturday so we could go out to our booth at Green Bluff, I had to pick up some goodies I had there for my aunt and a couple other ladies.  If was such a beautiful day already so we decided to drive to some of the farms in the area and look at their pumpkins...  I was on the hunt for some Blue Moon pumpkins..  No one had any... booooo.. I did have a friend that was helping to unload a truck full of pumpkins.  He text saying some red, white and green ones then text again saying some blueish ones but...  we were at a hockey game when they were finished and then yesterday was football...  Wonder if there are any left... hmmmm...  Boy they sure are hard to find around here.  Mabye... I will run up there tonight and see if they have any left.. haha..

Yesterday I started early...  Got up, got the dishes going, laundry started, cleaning and tidying up a little bit...  Since Seattle wasn't playing yesterday it gave me time to get some housework done and also get some crafting done too..  I got quite a bit accomplished too..  Got some pumpkins made for my husband's mom, one for Bre, some candy corn for my aunt and then some ghosts for another aunt.  I even started some candy canes for a sweet lady from my FB page.  Felt like I got alot accomplished.. Yay me!!!

I got a wooden box at an antique store last week and didnt know what I was going to do with it, I just knew I loved it and it wasn't that expensive.  This is their photo of it. 
I put it on my coffee table and put mini pumpkins in it and oh boy do I love it.. teehee... Course I took a photo but forgot it.. Geesh.. I hope to share that with you later.

I also got a rather large wooden bowl and have no idea where to put it or what to put in it yet.  It was also a great buy that I just couldn't pass up.

Well, I thank you all for stopping by.  I hope you let me know you were here by commenting.  Hope you have had a great start to your week. 
Hugs, Tina

Friday, October 14, 2011

Have I really been gone this long?? So much to share...

OH boy!!  I can't believe it has been a month exactly since my last post..  I didn't forget about you, I promise and hope you didn't all forget about me.  I can't believe how busy I have been.  I guess trying to keep up a blog, My Facebook Page, making goodies to sell online and craft shows and working my full time job is more time consuming than I had anticipated.. haha.. 

Let's see, where did I last leave off?  oh yes, last time I told you how my daughter got some stuff stolen from her back yard.  Well, a couple days later, the neighbors only a couple doors down and on a busy street even got their back door kicked in and stuff stolen.  Then just a few days later, Vince was putting their dog out in the backyard and looked around and some guy was standing at his side gate with a back pack trying to get in, and it was only like 8:30 am.. Yikes.. So Vince ran into the house grabbed his car keys started to chase after him but couldnt catch up quick enough..  He got away... Can't believe how gutsy these creeps are getting now days..  Since then they put some huge bright lights in the front of their house and sensor ones in the back yard and nothing has happened since.. Let's hope it stays that way.

I got invited to join some very talented ladies in a craft booth in our Green Bluff Grange craft show that they have every year.  We have our stuff out there this whole month of October so trying to get ready for that last minute had me running around like a crazy women trying to figure out what to make and get it ready for the show.  The good thing is we are taking turns so we only had to work the booth last weekend.. So far it has been pretty slow.. Lots of looky loos but it has been so nice that they were mostly going through the corn maze, picking apples, pumpkins and stuff to do with the chitlins...  This weekend is supposed to be the busiest weekend so lets hope.  Here are a few things I have made since my last post that I would like to share with you.

All of these Christmas goodies and others can be found here on my Tina's Primitive Attic Facebook page.

Click Here For details on these Halloween goodies

I have been selling from my Tina's Primitive Attic Facebook page and am surprissed how well it has been going.  It sure warms my heart to have others love my goodies enough to want to give them a new home.  I intended to only sell what I had made and on hand but have had so many requests for more than what is listed so now I do both..So far I have been able to keep up.. Slacking a little this week though, been playing a little.  I guess that just needs to be done once in a while.. teehee

It was time to change the decorations on my little tree with Halloween coming up.. And... since I loved my gingers and stars from Rachel Albanese I had to get more little salt dough ornies from her.  I made the witch hat for the topper.  Look how darn cute my little tree looks all ready for Halloween.

I was also the lucky winner of an adorably prim Crow & Sunflower wall hanging from The Barn Hollow!!  I am so excited... I just love this pattern but never make any for me and this one is all mine.. hehe.. Thanks so much Kim!!  

Oh,, have you ever heard of Blue Pumpkins?  Well, here they are rare, never heard of them or seen any til a friend posted a link on her FB page.  Check out these Blue Moon Pumpkins .  Oh my gosh, I so love the color of these..  I starting looking right away to see if we had any of these locally..  A friend is helping to unload a truck of pumpkins this weekend and he said he would keep an eye out for some and let me know.  I am so hoping... 

The weather has been pretty nice around here...  I am glad it hasn't been too cold yet.  The leaves are starting to turn and it looks so beautiful.  I sure wish fall would stay like this. I was just talking to my grandpa and realizing that Thanksgiving is already next month, wow... I just can't believe how fast this year has gone.

Well, I guess that is it for now.  Boy, I feel like I am forgetting to share something with you.. I really miss you all.  I hope you all have been well.    Have a wonderful weekend friends.  Hugs, Tina