Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkins and a little decorating

Morning Friends!!  Well today the sky is a little cloudy but no rain and it is supposed to get up to 60 today... 

I am excited to say I found some Blue Moon Pumpkins last night... They aren't a real dark blue, sort of a light bluish green.. Pretty though.  I also got a couple small green pumpkins to go with my white and orange I already have.  They had an orange and white pumpkin that was so cute and I really wanted it but the only two they had were pretty large and I probably have enough pumpkins for now..  The guy said it was called a creamsicle or something like that.. hehe..  Too dark last night to get any photos but will try and get some so I can share with you.

Here is my little box with my cute small pumpkins in it.. I just love how it looks..  I am already trying to think of what I can put in it next.. teehee...

Changed things a little on my fireplace.  I have my Jack O' Lantern Scentsy Warmer w/ Pumpkin Marshmallow burning in it (OH YUM!), my candle holders with some real bittersweet, a small pumpkin I made in front of the candle holder and look at this cute witch doll... Rchelle, a friend I am sharing the booth with this month made her and I just love her and her little kitty cat.  And I can't forget about my cute stacking pumpkins that light up..

So I was wondering if any of you are having this same type of issue.  My right arm, elbow area is so sore lately...  I don't know if it's cuz I sit here at my computer all day and my arm is bent so I can type and then I go home and sew and it is of course bent the same so I can sew.  It is just so sore and has been just aching.  My hubby said it's probably like tennis elbow or should I say sewing elbow.. haha.. I have been trying to stretch it and put stuff on it but nothing seems to help..  oh well.. for now it isn't stopping me.. haha

Well, that's it for today.  Thanks for letting me share my ramblings with you!   Have a wonderful day. 
Hugs, Tina


lilraggedyangie said...

Afternoon sunshine ! O no are you a punkin hoarder too? lol Looks like fall at your house for certain ! If ya wouldnt stitch so much your arm wouldnt hurt ! Ice it and rest it ! Ive found a support brace while I sleep eases the pain somewhat! Have a great evening! hugs lilraggedyangie

Rachel said...

I love the different colored pumpkins too~they are my favorites! Your fireplace looks really cute & I like your little box of pumpkins! What a cute idea! Hope your elbow feels better soon ~ my wrists hurt all the time but not my elbow so I'm not sure what you might have wrong with you...probably just working too hard! Going to have to take you a lil vacation! lol

Angela said...

Lpve the pumpkins in the box. And all the other decorations. The doll is too cute. I bet that Scentsy scent Pumpkin Marshmellow smell great. Just sounds like a good fall scent. Haven't seen that one. Love the stackable pumpkins too. My mister complains with his arm and elbow like that quite often. Usually after a teadious job at work. Hope you can get relief. Maybe try a brace like Angie. Have a great evening.