Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here I am....Christmas decorations up... Prim Ice Skates

Morning friends!! Just in case you were wondering where I have been lately, wanted to let you know I am still here.. haha..  Geesh, I had no idea how busy I would be this season with Christmas orders .  Boy oh boy am I jumping up for joy though and feeling blessed so many have loved my prims enough to want for their own...  And... we have picked up here a bit at work which is always great so I have to sneak here and there to be on the computer.  I don't even know where to start it's been so long since I updated y'all. 

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..We went over to my grandparents and helped with dinner.  Bre and I always look forward to all those Black Friday ads so we can see if anything we want to get for anyone then we plan our attack, which store to hit first and so on and so on...  After dinner, Bre and I went home and wrapped all of our presents that we had already bought, since we were trying to kill time waiting for 11 pm to get here so we could go stand in line for Black Friday..We started at Target and boy was it brrrrr cold out there.. Yikes.. There were alot of people already in line so we had to stand around the side of the building for about an hour til the clock struck MIDNIGHT!!  Target always has the best blankets on sale... They are so soft and you can get any size for the same price and every year I think Bre gets one and I never do and always love hers so this year I decided I wanted one.. I bought one for myself...  So after getting everything we went to Target for and no dilly dallying or we would be in line forever, we were on to Shopko.. Why oh why do we go to Shopko.. Ugh...  This is the worst line ever and I was in line for over and hour.  Usually it doesn't seen that bad but this year bre wanted some things for her new home and they were heavy heavy so I had to put them on the floor and push them with my foot.. haha..  So...  when I was finally able to checkout, we needed a refill on engergy so we hit Starbucks and off to the Mall we went..  After going to all the stores we needed stuff at, we finally got home about 5:30 am... I was so tired but I had filled up with so much coffee to stay awake I couldn't hardly sleep.. hehe..  I did manage to sneak in a couple hours before we went back out again..  I can say I definitley don't like Black Friday shopping starting at midnight.  I thought would be better since I would just stay up instead of trying to get up extra early to go shopping by 4 am..  but nope...  So, we will see how next year goes.. teehee...

We have been putting xmas decorations out a bit here and there since Thanksgiving but just got our tree up this week. 

Here's Misty in her Mrs. Claus dress coat..  she looks so darn cute.. haha..

I haven't had alot of time to make new goodies to share but here are some Ice Skates I finished this week.  I have 2 pairs made for sale.  If you are interested, please let me know.  You can find more details on these Here

Here are a couple things I made on request for a FB friend:

Do ya think she is a WV fan?  teehee

You can find all of my prims on my FB page Tina's Primitive Attic

I can't believe I am seeing Valentines and St. Patty's day goodies already offered..  Geesh,,, I am not even done with Christmas / Winter goodies yet.. haha.. I guess it will be here before we know it... 

Hope the holidays are wonderful for you so far...I just love this time of year with the decorations, the Christmas shows, just the happiness it seems to bring out in others... 

Well, I guess I better get back to work, I just wanted to say hi!! 


Morgan said...

Hi, Tina! It's Morgan... just love reading about your Black Friday Adventure- I've never been, though I dare to think about doing so each year. H'mmm... one of these years, *maybe*. hehe So, As I'm going through photos, I take note to mention how very much I LOVE your "distressed" green end table... then I see what you did with your little 4-compartment distressed black box you picked up not too long ago, and I was like, "Ooooooooo!!!" LOL Love it, gf! AND, OF COURSE, more photos to see, and more to love, including that sweet lil' Misty of yours! Oh my GOSH! she's cute! Everything looks great, Tina, and as you already know, I just LOVE *ALL* your goodies! ;)

Don't work yourself too hard, and enjoy this season to the utmost! ♥

~Morgan ♥

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful Christmas Decorations!!!!
That Misty is so darn cute all dressed up for the holidays!!!
Love your newest creations!
Prim Blessings

SweetPepperRose said...

Hi! I found your button through hoodies and flipflops. I'm a new follower to you site. I see an old Santa, in the second pic down. I remember having one of those, just don't know what happened to him and wish I had him now! You have some super cute stuff.
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