Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I need a clone or more hours in the day..My goodies from fellow crafters..

So, what has happened since I last posted?   Last Friday we were closed here at work.  Went to my bosses son's funeral.  It was a very nice funeral and very touching..  I had such a headache after though from all my sniffling.  Saturday my daughter and I went to a small vintage show at someone's beautiful house...  They just set up a bunch of tents and booths in the front yard and made a show out of it..  There weren't alot of booths but we always seem to manage to find someting we can't live without.  I got a yellow enamelware pot with a lid for $9 and there was another one in the same show going for $22 so I felt very lucky to have gotten it...  I also got a tea bag holder that is metal and rusting for $2..  Breanna bought a really cute big basket for $12.  Later we headed to the Spokane County Fair they have every year.. It was so darn hot outside that we barely lasted a couple hours then headed home. 

Sunday we got up early and starting making our snacks that we were going to have during football.  Let's see,,, my hubby made southwest egg rolls and I made a mexican layered dip, chili, cucumbers and onions in vinegar.  My hubby also decided he was going to make Pina Colada's.. Boy were those yummy and went down really easy... teehee...  Breanna and her boyfriend came over in their Seahawks colors and clothing and watched football with us.. I did get some goodies stuffed while watching football but that was it..  Decided no crafting on Sundays so can spend the day with the fam...Even though the Seahawks lost,,, errrrrr..  we had a very nice day

The week so far hasnt been too bad..  Bre did have some thieves steal some things from their backyard on Tuesday morning really early... They have only been in the house a couple months and already this is happening.  We gave them a patio set where the chairs were bar stool height...  The creeps got away with 3 of the chairs and the stool that goes behind the patio set, all the candles and holders we gave them for their set and back yard and Vince's sister's bike...  Said it looked like they were trying to take the patio table too which is quite a big table but must have gotten spooked... Vince went and talked to the neighbors and one said she saw a white truck parked in front of her house hauling furniture away but thought was her other neighbor that had been moving out...  Wow.. how ballsy..  almost in front of their house and walk from the front yard in between both of their houses to steal stuff.. and in the process the creeps put a nasty deep scratch on Bre's car...  The kids couldnt hear cuz they have an air conditioner in their window that is pretty noisy... They took that out of course.. I was just hoping the thieves weren't coming back for the rest of the set...  This just makes me sick to my stomach..  Such low lifes.. Get your own job, your own life and your own stuff...  ugh!!!  Every time I talk about it I get more worked up so let's move onto something else.. teehee...

I have had the hardest time getting all these ornies / tucks / bowl fillers completed... why are they taking me so darn long??  Geesh!!!  Here are a couple of the Gingers and Bats I have finished.

Primitive Gingerbread
These are approx 8" tall
4 avail and ready to ship
$6 ea + shipping

Primitive Bats
Approximately 8 1/2" to 9" wide
1 ready to ship
(had 4 this morning but 3 sold as soon as posted on my FB page)
$4 ea + shipping

You can find the above goodies and others on my Tina's Primitive Attic Facebook page.

I need to step it up as I have a gal asking me for some goodies and she is thinking she wants 6 of each...  oh boy...  I need two of me, more hours in the day or something.. haha...

Now, I want to share some goodies I have purchased from a couple of great gals...  I am finally the lucky owner of one of Lecia's Bonnets..  omgosh.. don't you just love the color and the print of the fabric..  Reminds me of civil war fabric.. Soooo Love it!!!  Can't thank you enough Lecia for making it for me.

and for my little tree that I keep up all year round in my kitchen...  I asked Rachel at Somewhere in the Middle if she could make me some gingers and stars and look what she made me.... 

Omgosh they are so cute..  Rachel made the gingers and the red and white stars.  I already had the little wooden stars with rusty stars in the center of them.  I bought them at a craft show but she never did the show again and I needed some more goodies for my tree that were more prim that what I had on there...  I couldn't be happier but I might get a few more of them to hang on my little tree...  Thanks so much Rachel!!

Well, I guess that is it for posting today...  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my little blog...  Hugs, Tina

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One step closer to the Weekend,, Yahoo

Happy Thursday.  I had every intention of getting more goodies finished last night.. Instead I had some girl time with a bestie of mine.  Was such a great visit.. Sometimes you just need to have some time just for yourself... 

I have been trying to hurry and finish the fall/halloween things I have started cuz I think alot are moving on to wanting Christmas things already.. Yikes... I better get my rear in gear...  haha..  I hate to just not finish them and move on to other things or I might not go back.. teehee... and.. I do have a couple craft shows I have signed up for so... 

Here are a couple things I am finally getting photos of..
Primitive Candy Canes
Approx 8 1/2" tall
$10 + shipping
Details Here

Primitive Hanging Pumpkin
Approx 7" tall
$10 + shipping
Details Here

Going to my grandparents for dinner tonight.  We are trying to do that at least once a week now.  I usually go up as much as I can throughout the week for lunch to visit but want to spend as much time with them as we can...  So....  not sure how much I will get accomplished tonight in the stitchin and stuffin department but dinner will sure be good..  teehee

Tomorrow I will be out for my bosses son's funeral so I might not be on here much if any.  Hope you all have a great day and weekend!!  Hugs, Tina

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a quick hi!

Good afternoon, already.. yay!!  Just wanted to stop by real quick today to say Hi and let you know what I am working on...  Finally got some of my ornies/tucks/bowl fillers, whatever you want to call these little darlings, finished...  

Witch Boots
They are about 7" long and about 2" wide at the top.
9 available
$4 ea or 3/$10 + shipping
If you are interested, please let me know..

These and other Fall/Halloween goodies can be found on my
Tina's Primitive Attic Facebook page.

Hope to get some more goodies finished tonight.. 
Have a great afternoon!! Hugs, Tina

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anniversary, Pumpkin Head, Car prowlers and sad news

First of all...  It's Happy Anniversary to me and my guy!!  I am such a lucky girl..

Well, another Labor Day has come and gone and it's back to work but at least it's a short work week.. Yahoo..  Hope you all had a great one..  Friday night my hubby and I watched the Seahawks, win.. Yes, I said win... Yippee!!  Yahoo!!  Even though just pre-season so nice to be able to say we won... haha..  On Saturday I mostly stitched and finished up a Pumpkin Head Doll for a request.. She sent me a photo and asked me if I could make something like it.. Boy, was the pressure on.. haha..  I sent her a photo and I was soooo relieved when she said she loved him... Here he is:
I have still been trying to finish up the ornies/tucks I have started.. Witches boots, bats, ghosts, more candy corn.. I wonder if it's too late now and people are going to start wanting Xmas goodies instead.. hmmm..

Saturday morning we were woke up by Bella (our newfie) barking at around 5:00 am...  My hubby went to see what she was barking at and noticed a shadow on a white truck across the street and a couple houses down, he didn't think the shadow looked right so he put Bella in her kennel, went to the window looked out again and the shadow was still there but he said it looked like he was smoking, just thought weird..  Came running in, put shorts on, grabbed his gun and went outside..  I of course don't know what the heck is going on and was a little panicky...  I turned our front light out and went outside and my hubby was just leaning on the gate trying to see if he could see any shadows or movement cuz the person by the truck was now gone.. So I took him out a flashlight and he went over there looking under, in, around the cars, yards.. yikes.. I am a little freaked out at this point..  You never know if the other person has a weapon or not..  Then I hear him say, "I Knew It", the window of the truck was broken out and the window to the canopy was slide open.  My hubby went up to the neighbors door but they are hard of hearing and didn't answer.  Then I see a light go on in their basement and go out.  I was worried not knowing if the person had gotten into their house or not.  We called the cops and they said not sure what we can do if they don't answer for you... Really??? OMG!!!  So,,,  a little while later I see the neighbors coming outside.  They have a couple dogs and their rustling and movement must have woke them up.  I guess it is a friends truck that is visiting and his camera got stolen.  The burglar probably would have made a haul if he had time to get to the back canopy cuz it was jam packed with stuff since this guy was traveling..  wow...  This is the 2nd time my hubby has seen a car prowler.. Good thing for our Bella....  What a good girl!!

And... on to the sad news.. I got a phone call this weekend that my bosses youngest of 7 children passed away on Saturday.  He was only 19, getting ready to go to college then on to his mission.  It has been a very quiet somber day here at work..  Two of my bosses other sons and two of his brothers also work with me so it is really hard to think of anything else and get anything done..  My thoughts and prayers go out to their family..  Such a sad tragedy... 

Hope you all are doing well, until next time.. Hugs, Tina

Friday, September 2, 2011

Long weekend almost here,, Happy Labor Day!

I am sooo glad it is Friday.  Seems like it has been a very long week...

I hope you are all planning something fun for this long weekend! 

We might head down to Pig out in the Park.. They have it every year and there are soooo many that attend.. Sometimes it is a bit too crowded for us but since we aren't camping this year, we might go check it out... There are booths set up with goodies to buy, 48 food vendors and different bands playing on 3 different stages..

Other than that, nothing planned which is sort of nice, we can just play it by ear and have a nice relaxing weekend... I hope to get some stitchin done as I wasn't very good this week.. 

Stay safe and have a fun long weekend! Hugs, Tina

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snowmen stockings, Shoo flys...feel like I have been busy.. with what though?

Hello...  I haven't been on here as much lately.. I try to jump on for a few at work,,,shhhh  but that seems like that has been the only chance lately... 

I sure feel like I have been busy busy but I am not sure doing what.. teehee...  I did finish a couple requests for some gals on  My Facebook Page.

Here are 3 snowmen stockings
and some Shoo Flys

Here is a sneak peak at some things I have started...

I did cut some more candy corns out after this photo, just in case since they have sold so well... These are almost all stitched up, then on to the fun part,,, stuffing and a painting... 

Besides headaches and neglecting some of my house duties, I thought I had better take a little break from stitchin and crafting.  That definitely isnt as much fun but had to be done..  I am already spoiled with my hubby cooking so looks like I better step it up and do my part... ooops... hehe...

and the headaches..  man these buggers just won't leave me alone..  Had a sinus scan, came out clean, nothing,,, nada...  Hoping they will do an xray of my neck to rule that out since it is hard to sleep on my right side w/o the feeling of a headache coming on...  I have a referral to a neurologist and they have just prescribed me with some minor pills to take every day in hopes of preventing the headaches.. So....  cross your fingers, something has to work...  Thanks for listening to my woes and sticking with me..  Hugs, Tina